Farmers’ Market Saturday 9/30/17

Fresh, local & unique — find it at the Farmers' Market in Canandaigua.  Every Saturday June-October, 8:30-12:30 under the Mill Street pavilion just off Main Street.
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Snoopy's situation reminded me too much of our own yard after the wind blew in Autumn on Wednesday night so I had to share!  Come down to the market this weekend and see what the change in season has brought while also finding your tried and true weekly favorites!
(As the seasons change remember that we remain under the pavilion through the END of OCTOBER!!)

Find out more about all of the market offerings below!

Every Saturday June-October.
Canandaigua Farmers Market
under the Mill Street pavilion


This Saturday:               



  • Riedman Happy Hives will be back at market this week so buzz on by and say hi.  We’ll have raw local honey of Fall and Spring varieties in a variety of sizes. We will also have some of our Sun Kissed honey as well.  How sweet it is!!!!


  • From Wohlschlegel's Naples Maple
    🍁Bourbon Barrel Aged Maple Syrup 
    🍁Maple Coated 
    Almonds Cashews Pecans
    🍁Traditional, Cinnamon & Raspberry Maple Cream Spread
    🍁Maple Mustard
    Pure NYS Maple Syrup
    Flavors:*Golden* *Amber**Dark*  *Very Dark*
    Maple Cream Spread, Granulated Maple Sugar, Maple Garlic Rub, Maple Mustard
    Maple Coffee, Maple Tea 
    Wheat Free Oatmeal-Maple Dog Treats 
    Soft & Hard Sugar Shapes, Maple Granola
    Body Care Products: Maple – Vanilla: Soap, Lotion, Lip Balm


  • Rise and Shine Bread will have English Muffin bread, Asiago Ciabatta, Focaccia, Honey Wheat, Raisin, Beer bread and sweet breads


  • K&S Bischoping will have late season peaches (Yippee!) and apples — Honey Crisp, Macoun, Cortland, Mcintosh, Gala, Fuji, Ginger Gold and Twenty Ounce as well as a selection of heirlooms. And as usual we are still picking so we may have even more varieties to chose from on Saturday!


  • Kitchen Blessings will have fresh  Concord Grape pies this weekend. We'll also have,  among all the other goodies, homemade mini  Apple Cider donuts compliments of Hannah.
And don't forget the delicious jams & jellies. There will be a new batch of the Autumn Harvest Apple-Pear jam as it sold out last weekend.
  • Maggie's Mustard Seed 'n More WILL be at the market this weekend with our 24 specialty mustards. This will be our last weekend at the market. We thank all of our faithful customers. We have decided that we will not be doing the Canandaigua Farmers Market next year so you will have to stock up or come and find us if you want mustard or we will find you. Thankful for you all. ~Maggie and Jim     


  • Fisher Hill Farm will have new potatoes, sweet corn, green beans, bunched beets with greens, zucchini, summer squash, scallions, onions, garlic, garlic scapes, radishes, fennel, leeks, kale and head lettuces, carrots and melons. Local, seedless grapes and early Concords!! FRESH whole chickens, whole duck, free-range eggs (chicken & duck) and Red Jacket juices also available.


  • Peacemaker Brewing Company will Have our "Sin Nombre" Harvest Ale as well as our "Peachmaker" Peach Ale & our "Suckerpunch" Tart Pineapple Wheat.  
  • Mrs. Brake's Spices, etc. will be bringing Spices in different size packages, also some new Spice Blends made "in House", some Dried blueberries, Dried Cherries and letter pretzels and baking products, rice, yellow and green split peas, lentils and dried beans(its soup making season)!
     We are also brining handmade chocolate, Hot(spicy) dark chocolate, raspberry flavored and white chocolate peppermint!


  • Howell Farm – Heirloom Tomatoes including German Johnson, Cherokee Purple, and Striped German,   Shandong Variety Garlic Braids, German Red bulb ties, 1/2 lb and 1 lb bags of Garlic, Cucumbers, Summer Squash, Zucchini, Jalapeños, Swiss Chard, Cherry Peppers, Lipstick Peppers, Eggplant, Basil, Super Sweet Cherry and Golden Cherry Tomatoes  


  • Stony Brook Wholeheartedfoods returns with their selection of roasted squash seed snacks and squash seed oils.


  We have even more vendors than just those listed above in detail, come see what's happening! 
We're excited to celebrate our 16th season with monthly events and weekly smiles!


Thank you for your support of local farmers and small scale food processors!

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