July 4th Farmers Market

[image: Free 4th Of July Clip Art – Independence Day – Animated Gifs] Stop down to the Canandaigua Farmers Market for everything you’ll need to make Independence Day delicious!
Find out more about all of the market offerings below!
*Every Saturday June-October.* Canandaigua Farmers Market under the Mill Street pavilion *8:30am-12:30pm*

This Saturday: *Wohlschlegel’s Naples Maple Farm* will have:
*🍁 Barrel Aged Maple Syrup *
*🍁Maple BBQ Sauce*
*🍁MAPLE COTTON CANDY * *🍁Maple Coated * *Almonds Cashews Pecans*
*🍁Traditional, Cinnamon & Raspberry Maple Cream Spread*
*🍁Maple Mustard*
*Pure NYS Maple Syrup* *Flavors:* **Golden* *Amber** **Dark* *Very Dark**
*Granulated Maple Sugar* *Maple Garlic Rub* *Maple Mustard*
*Maple Coffee* *Maple Tea *
*Wheat Free Oatmeal-Maple * *Dog Treats *
*Soft & Hard Sugar Shapes* *Maple Granola*
*Body Care Products:* *Maple – Vanilla:*
*Soap, Lotion, Lip BalmMrs. Brake’s Spices* will make your 4th explode with flavor for whatever you decide to cookout and will have an assortment of blends, everyday spices to make it happen, Yeast and baking flavors. I also have a new line of Gourmet sugars that can be used with those refreshing beverages of any kind!
* I ask if you need something specific to please call the store and preorder so i can bring it with me!* This will help with social distancing and you do not have to wait for your selection to be made. Call the store with any questions at 1-585-869-5251.
*Riedman Happy Hives* will be at market with honeycomb and raw local honey in a variety of sizes and varieties! Honey is a great natural anti-inflammatory and homeopathic remedy first seasonal allergies..plus..its an awesome sweetener!! Bee Healthy!
*Lagoner Farms* will have strawberries, raspberries, sweet cherries, blueberries this week!
*The Food Dude* will be there with our breakfast sandwiches and a 2 egg / ham & Swiss topped with asparagus and a garlic cream sauce Wrap!! Yuuuumm!
*Andy’s Specialty Produce* will have Certified Organic tomatoes, salad mix, spinach, arugula, red leaf and romaine lettuce, green kale, escarole, radishes, fresh garlic, garlic scapes, and pea shoots.
*Bristol Hills Lavender and Flower Farm* will have fresh lavender bundles.
*The Woodland Elf *will have mixed flower bouquets, beeswax tapers, and greeting cards.
*K&S Bischopping* will have red raspberries and a variety of crisp, crunchy apples.
*Stoney Acres* will have spinach, head lettuce, cut lettuce, beets, turnips, carrots, peas, green beans, onions, zucchini,and the first tomatoes of the season!!! Also we will have eggs, whole chicken, skinless boneless chicken breast, leg and thigh,wings, tenders and chicken backs (use to make great chicken broth!).
*Seneca Vegetable* will have garlic, garlic scapes, herbs, potted plants and herb gardens.
*Kitchen Blessings* will have cookies, cinnamon rolls, and fruit pies. The pies will be: Fruits of the Forest, Cherry, and Red Raspberry. We will again have large single biscuits for shortcakes. The special items this week will be Strawberry Bread Loaves, and Patriotic Star cutout ⭐️ Cookies sold in boxes of 1/2 dozen. Fresh Brown eggs and tasty jams & jellies will also be available.
*Pickering Farms* will be there with farm fresh beef.
*My Little Farm * Eggs 🥚 Egg noodles 🍜 Pot pies 🥧 Chicken 🐔 Whole Half Whole cut up Leg & Thigh Wings Boneless Breast Boneless Thigh Tenders Liver Hearts & Gizzards TURKEY 🦃 Bone in Breast Boneless Breast Turkey steaks ( tenders) Leg & Thigh Ground Turkey Turkey Sausage.. (breakfast,Italian) Bacon Pork 🐖 Ham steaks Sausage (breakfast, zesty) Bacon
* CDGA: *In addition to all CDGA coffee styles served hot by the cup and CDGA Four Country Roast Iced Coffee, we will be selling freshly baked cookies and muffins from Sinful Confections made with CDGA Coffee!! As with our coffee bean sales, Sinful Confections is donating 10% of all proceeds to local charities.
Costa Rica DR Congo Guatemala Agustino Forest (Colombia) CDGA Four Country Roast Sumatra Burundi SBA Blend Black Button Bourbon Barrel Aged CDGA Four Country Roast
*Clearview Farm* will have Certified organic rhubarb, fresh catnip, tulsi tea, dill, organically-fed free-range eggs, organically-fed grass-grown Angus beef and fresh dill.