October 3 2020

[image: Winter Squash — Durst Organic Growers] Stop by and keep your weekend fresh!
Find out more about all of the market offerings below!
*Every Saturday June-October.* Canandaigua Farmers Market under the Mill Street pavilion *8:30am-12:30pm*

This Saturday:
*Mrs. Brake’s Spices will be offering:* NEW blends *Greek Seasoning (made in house) * Chili Cheese Powder – Try this on popcorn! *Tasty Turmeric Blend is chicken ready! *Chef’s French toast starter with a FREE powder sugar packet (ONLY 2 eggs and water needed) So fragrant, I will have a scratch -N- Sniff for you! *Infused Sugar (Rose petal, Lavender, Saigon Cinnamon, Spearmint & Spiced) For tea, coffee or baking! *Trash plate Hot Meat Sauce starter (only meat & Water needed)
Mrs. Brake’s Own Blends Perfect for grilling, mixing with condiments or whatever you can dream up! Baking flavors (such as-Pumpkin Maple and raspberry), lavender flavoring, vanilla, Vanilla bean paste and everyday Spices. If you would like something specific or save time look on mrsbrakes.com for inventory, please call the store at 585-869-5251 to pre-order and I will bring your selection to the market with me! Have a Great day and see you Saturday!
*Wohlschlegel’s Naples Maple Farm* will have:
*🍁 Bourbon Barrel Aged Maple Syrup *
*🍁 Bourbon Barrel Aged COFFEE INFUSED Maple Syrup*
*🍁 HUCKLEBERRY Infused Maple Syrup*
*🍁Maple BBQ Sauce*
*🍁Maple Fudge *
*🍁Maple Coated * *Almonds : Cashews : Pecans*
*🍁Traditional, Cinnamon & Raspberry Maple Cream Spread *
*Pure NYS Maple Syrup* *Flavors:* **Golden* *Amber** **Dark* *Very Dark**
*Granulated Maple Sugar* *Maple Garlic Rub* *Maple Mustard* *Maple Cashew Granola*
*Maple Coffee* *Maple Tea *
*Wheat Free Oatmeal-Maple * *Dog Treats *

*Soft & Hard Sugar CandyClearview Farm* will have squash (delicata, acorn, butternut), Roma beans, cherry tomatoes, cilantro, scallions, holy basil, catnip, organically-fed eggs, dry beans, 100% grass grown and finished Angus beef raised using organic practices, including ground beef patties and bulk packages.
*The Woodland Elf* will have mixed flower bouquets, broomcorn wreaths and swags, flowered gourds, and hopefully some sunflowers if the next patch finally starts blooming.
*Stoney Acres* will have tomatoes, lettuce, spinach, salad mix, carrots, beets, turnips, radishes, onions, peppers, fennel, eggs, whole chicken and chicken pieces, pork. Bunches of fresh cut Eucalyptus ! Also still taking orders for pastured non GMO Thanksgiving turkeys. If any one wants to place an order for meat or vegetables to pickup at market you can email us at stoneyacres2010@gmail.com
*Kitchen Blessings Baking* will again have fresh Grape, Apple, and Fruits of the Forest pies. Pumpkin cookies will be back. We’ll also have Gluten Free Chocolate Brownies (single serve container). Cinnamon Swirl Bread will be available which makes great French Toast. There will be many jams and jellies and fresh Brown Eggs . Like Kitchen Blessings Baking on FB and follow on Instagram
*Andy’s Specialty Produce* will have Certified Organic salad mix, arugula, carrots, red leaf and green leaf lettuce, red radishes, red and yellow potatoes, red beets, garlic, onions, green kale, and pea shoots.
*K & S Bischoping* will have peaches and apples — Honey Crisp, Snap Dragon, Gala, Ginger Gold, Fuji, Mac and Cortland.
*Carney Agri Farm* will NOT be at Market on Saturday and will NOT be there on October 10 due to other commitments. We will return on October 17 with microgreens (sunflower, pea and radish) and hopefully Shiitake mushrooms if the weather does not get too cold.
*Bristol Hills Lavender* will have: Autumn inspired bouquets Lavender plants
Peony Roots Dried and fresh lavender bunches Lavender Candles
*Seneca Vegetable* will have the following for Saturday: tomatoes, canning tomatoes, broccoli, brussel sprouts, cauliflower, cabbage, garlic, sweet peppers, hot peppers, eggplant, winter squash, leaks, ornamental corn, dried status bouquets, cut flower bouquets, and pumpkins.
*Love Grown Farm* will have Red and Blue Adirondack Potatoes, Dakota black popping corn bags, and garlic.
Www.mylittlefarmmurphy.com <www.mylittlefarmmurphy.com/>
*We have even MORE vendors than just those listed above in detail, come see what’s happening!*