Winter Market Saturday 2/29

Leap on down to the Antis Street parking lot this Saturday and grab something tasty for your weekend!

Here’s a sneak peek of vendor offerings for this Saturday:

  • Clearview Farm will be offering organically- nourished, truly free-range eggs; 100% grass-grown (no grain) Angus beef as steaks, roasts, ground beef and variety cuts, such as liver, stew meat and short ribs; dried herbs (tulsi tea, nettle tea, lemon basil, dill, catnip and spearmint) and Genesee Valley dry beans (black, cannellini and red kidney). 
  • CDGA Coffee will have available the following bags of ground and whole bean coffee:   Costa Rica DR Congo Guatemala Agustino Forest (Colombia) CDGA Four Country Roast Sumatra Burundi SBA Blend  Mexican Decaf   For February and March, 10% of all bean sales will be going to ROCovery Fitness, an organization dedicated to helping those struggling with opioid addiction.
  • Kitchen Blessings will have some tasty treats this weekend to chase away the mid- winter blues.
    Some of these things will be: Lemon- Blueberry muffins, Cinnamon Swirl Loaves, Country Oatmeal Loaves, Chocolate Duster Cookies, Coconut Macaroons and 6” Cherry pies.
    We’ll also have our beautiful brown eggs, along with great jam & jelly varieties.
  • Bristol Mushrooms is bringing fresh picked King Oyster and Lion’s Mane mushrooms this week. We will also have our Brain Booster Lion’s Mane Powder, Coffee or Tea this week. Don’t forget to make them a smart part of your day!
  • Riedman Happy Hives will be at Winter Market this  Sat with 1 & 2 lb jars of raw honey. We will also have organic body salve made with essential oils, beeswax and organic coconut oil.  Great to sooth dry winter skin!
  • My Little Farm will have : PORK 🐷  CHOPS
                            BONELESS BREAST
                            WHOLE CUT UP
                            LEG & THIGH
                           AND MORE
                         TURKEY STEAKS

                            🥧 POT PIES
                             🐔 CHICKEN PARM
                                  EGG NOODLES
    SEE YA THERE!!!!!

    *** Wohlschlegels Naples Maple Farm and Komorebi Kombucha will not be at market this weekend, but will return in March.

    More vendors are also expected, just not sure on their exact product selections!