This Week At The Farmers’ Market

Declare your independence from the grocery store this weekend by shopping at the market to stock up for your 4th of July picnic needs, and support small, independent businesses!

This Saturday:               

  • Riedman Happy Hives will be buzzing at the market with our “liquid gold” fresh from the hives : )  Spring, Fall and limited quantitiy of SunKissed raw honey in a variety of sizes.  We may have honeycomb … this or next week!

  • Kitchen Blessings Baking will have all things 🇺🇸 on this July 4th menu.
    We’ll have Patriotic Star cutout cookies, Mixed Berry, Blueberry, Red Raspberry & Cherry pies. All your favorite cookies ( including Chocolate Dusters) and Lemon Lavender Drops. Strawberry Scones and some Gluten Free treats as well.
    More Black Berry Jam will be available along with many other varieties.

  • Stoney Acres will be having head lettuce, arugula, salad mix, beets, scallions, onions, carrots, zucchini, summer squash, fennel, New veggies for this Saturday are Green beans and cucumbers!!
    We will also be having fresh chicken (whole and pieces) and pork and eggs.

  • The Woodland Elf will have mixed flower bouquets filled with all the lovely lilies that have been popping during this hot week, beeswax tapers, and photo greeting cards.

  • Mrs. Brake’s Spices etc. will be offering:  
    * Salsa Seasoning is making a return this week at my table!

    ·        Use the Finishing salts with corn on the cob, fish, meats and grilled veggies!
    ·        Most Mrs. Brake’s Blends are able to be mixed with condiments (think about mayo mixed with Cajun or Blackened seasoning!
    ·        Montreal steak seasoning makes a great companion to grilled potatoes or mix right into your burgers!
    ·        How about grilled popcorn with chili cheese powder?
    ·        Try sprinkling my Trash Plate or Chipotle lime seasonings on potato chips to kick up the heat a notch or 6!
    ·        Finish dessert with my homemade Dark Chocolate or Chocolate pudding. Only add water and Vanilla!

    *Chipotle Lime Salt (NEW) try with Chipotle lime Seasoning!
    *Trash Plate complete mix (you just need water and the meat)! The more you eat the Hotter it gets…be ready!
    *The BEST French toast starter with a FREE powder sugar packet (ONLY 2 eggs and water needed) Try this for a camp breakfast and your neighbors will be jealous!
    *Infused Sugar (Rose petal, Lavender, Saigon Cinnamon, Spearmint & Spiced) For tea, coffee or baking!
    *Finishing salts like Rosemary/Orange, Lavender and Rosemary/Thyme.
    Mrs. Brake’s Own Blends Perfect mixing with condiments or whatever you can dream up! Plus everyday spices like oregano, sumac, parsley and more.
    Baking flavors (such as-Pumpkin Maple and raspberry), lavender flavoring, vanilla, Vanilla bean paste

    If you would like something specific or have time to look on for inventory, then please call the store at 585-869-5251 to pre-order and I will bring your selection to the market with me!
    Have a Great day and see you Saturday!

  • K&S Bischoping will have red raspberries and possibly red currants this week.

  • Lagoner Farms will have Strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, sweet cherries dark and white, tart cherries and sugar snap peas! Hard cider.

  • Love Grown Farm will have delicious, homemade jams!!! Local smashed berries, organic cane sugar….the sweetness of summer, canned. What’s not to love? 🍓🍒

  • F. Oliver’s will be bringing:
    Herbes de Provence, Tuscan Garden, Meyer Lemon, Heady Garlic, Arbequina
    Special Reserve, Ripe Fig, Farmstand Strawberry, Blushing Peach, Lemon Bouquet, Aromatic Oregano

  • Clearview Farms will have organic fresh dill, fresh and dried Italian oregano, fresh and dried catnip, dried herbs (dill, lemon basil, holy basil and catnip), grass-grown and finished Angus beef, Genesee Valley Bean dry beans (pinto, black and red kidney)

  • Carney Agri Farm will have Fresh Whole Shiitake Mushrooms (Log grown non certified organic). Shiitakes are considered one of the most nutritious mushrooms, very versatile and delicious.
    We will have a variety of Fresh Microgreens.  These 8-14 day old shoots are packed full of nutrition, flavor, color and crunch.
    We will also have Pure Maple Syrup Grade A, Amber/Rich Taste with samples to try.  Available in Gallons, Half Gallons, Quarts, Pints and Half Pints.  Why wait for winter, get your pure maple syrup now.  Its shelf stable until you open it.  Also they make great gifts.

  • Seneca Vegetables will have garlic scapes, honey, a large variety of herbs, hanging baskets, potted flowers, some new varieties of bedding plants, along with original favorites, and fresh flower bouquets.

  • CDGA Coffee Co will continue to feature it’s new Ethiopian Yirgacheffe release. We roasted these beans as a Light Roast to deliver some delicious cocoa and berry flavor notes

    Additionally, we will have hot coffee and 12 ounce bags of the following beans:

    Costa Rica
    DR Congo
    Agustino Forest (Colombia)
    CDGA Four Country Roast
    SBA (Susan B Anthony) Blend
    Mexican Decaf

    Black Button Bourbon Barrel Aged
    Chocolate Hazelnut

  • Andy’s Specialty Produce will have salad mix, arugula, carrots, celery, radishes, red and green leaf lettuce, fresh garlic, green kale, seedless cucumbers, pea and sunflower shoots, onions, salad turnips, and red beets.

  • **New Vendor** Love on the Inside will have bread…white, wheat, honey wheat and rye. Also, chocolate chip cookies, cinnamon rolls, sticky buns, blueberry lemon, strawberry lemon, and cherry lime aid scones, and biscotti.

  • **New Vendor** Elsewhere Farms will have our cold process soaps and skincare products, which are handcrafted in small batches with all natural ingredients.  A featured product this week is our Bug Spray, made with witch hazel and essential oils.

  • 🇺🇲♡My Little Farm ♡🇺🇲 will have: Chicken specials  ☆ 8 Pack leg $6 ☆ 1# Pack liver $3 Turkey special  ☆Turkey bacon HALF PRICE ☆ Turkey Leg/Thigh HALF PRICE ☆ Turkey legs  HALF PRICE Pork specials ☆ Bulk zesty Italian $5/1# ☆ HOTDOGS or KIELBASA $7 NEW Seafood ☆ Tuna steaks ☆ Scallops ☆ Salmon. FRESH THIS WEEK ☆ Haddock ☆ Trout ☆ Lobster Tail ☆ Shrimp
  • **New Vendor** Taste The Market Will be our new Food vendor this year at the market. serving Lavender Lemonade slushy’s and delicious farm fresh Panini and Wraps. You will not see them this week But they will be coming VERY SOON.

    *** Wohlschlegel’s will not be at market this week but will return July 10.
    *** Ms. Linzy’s Mac-N-Cheese will return July 24th.

In Season Recipe: Grab some of Carney Agri Farm’s shiitake mushrooms and some garlic scapes from one of our several vendors offering them and try this tasty recipe!

Garlic scapes with shiitake mushrooms and carrots
Author: Ingrid DeHart –
Prep Time: 15 mins Cook Time: 15 mins
Total Time: 30 mins Yield: 4

1 tablespoon ghee or coconut oil
Bunch of garlic scapes (about 16-20), cut into 3 “ pieces
6–8 shitake mushrooms, stems removed, sliced (about 2 cups)
1 large carrot, julienned (3/4 cup)
2 teaspoons chopped fresh thyme
1⁄2 teaspoon lemon zest
Celtic sea salt and fresh pepper

1. Heat the oil in a large sauté pan on medium-high heat.
2. Add mushrooms and carrots, mix well.
3. After about 4 minutes, when mushrooms begin to brown add scapes.
4. Sauté until cooked through, and slightly brown, 3-5 minutes. The sharp garlic taste will have mellowed.
5. Season with thyme, lemon zest, salt and pepper.
6. Serve warm

 We have even more vendors than just those listed above in detail, come see what’s happening! 
We’re excited to celebrate our 20th season!